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Nov 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
be down to sixty seventy s so that we didn't use it to turn this into clean. totally sterile environment the technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans into tv spots. i've been getting from what they. i think that would be into it that way. then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to display any antibodies in it tested. the body can recover the difference when the input of the virus if they do. oh and my pride even though the effect is perfect. but will the vaccine be affected. against the notorious deviant flu swine flu. director kylie little did it the wind room and found our region that we selected the kaplan said that when he said oh so but it's quite the footy give the fray they hope to read the official council would you say a kind of battle. of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in this land over him and for all we do not have it the landfill but we're hoping to get in there for the study would begin we get this
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1